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Welcome to the Official Website of the Personnel and Training Division of the Chief Office.

Duty of the Personnel and Training Division is to properly maneuver the human resource in the Provincial Council as to get optimum productivity of the programmes operated to uplift the economic development, welfare and living condition of the people of the province according to the objectives mentioned in vision and the mission declared by the Western Provincial Council and to formulate and operate regular training programmes in the Provincial Public Service.

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To develop the Knowledge Skills & Attitudes of employees od Western provincial council and to share experience and knowledge qith other countries, Personnel & Training Division organizes foreign training programs annually. Other than that, Personnel & Training division is very keen to….

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A province with sustainable development and co-existence


Formulating and implementing development Plans and managing human and financial resources to execute powers and functions vested with the Provincial Council efficiently and effectively in order to uplift the living standard of the people of the Western Province and to bring about economic development in the province.